Pane – Breads

 ~ Plain Crusty Bread       2.50    ~ Garlic Bread       4.00
 ~ Chilli - Garlic Bread     4.00     ~ Herb Bread         4.00
 ~ Cheese Bread             5.00     ~ Bruschetta Bread 9.50

Insalate –Salad

~Italian Salad Small      7.90    Large 12.90

~Greek Salad Small      8.90    Large 18.90

~Ceasar Salad                                18.90

Primi –Starters

Polpette    15.90

Home-made Pork and veal meatballs cooked in our rich napolitana sauce.

Arancini (V)     14.90

Fried cheesy risotto balls served with our home made napolitana sauce.

Sizzling Garlic Prawns    18.90

Cooked in a cast iron dish in olive oil and lots of fresh garlic.

Calamari      15.90

Tender crumbed calamari served with fresh lemon and tartar sauce.

                                                          ½Dozen  1 Dozen

Oysters en Brochette                              18.90     32.90

Crumbed, wrapped in bacon topped with our famous garlic cream sauce.

Oysters Kilpatrick                                   18.90     32.90

Topped with bacon and Worcestershire sauce.

Oysters Mornay                                       18.90     32.90

Filled with our delicious home-made cheesy béchamel sauce.

Oysters Natural                                       16.90     29.90

Served with fresh lemon and home-made seafood sauce.


Spaghetti Marinara    32.90

Mixture of fresh seafood cooked in our pink sauce with a touch of chilli.

Spaghetti con Polpette    28.90

Spaghetti cooked with our home-made Pork and veal meatballs in rich napolitana sauce.

Spaghetti Bolognaise    19.90

Our home made meaty bolognaise sauce.

Home Made Lasagne    19.90

Served in a cast iron piping hot skillet.

Home Made Cannelloni    19.90

Home-made crepes filled with meat and spinach, topped with napolitana and béchamel sauce.

Gnocchi Funghi (V)    19.90

Potato dumplings, mushrooms, shallots in a creamy sauce.

Penne alla Sandra     22.90

Penne in a creamy mushroom sauce with shallots, cherry tomatoes and tender chicken.


Seafood Devils Hot Pot For:     1      36.90       2      72.90

A melody of fresh seafood cooked in napolitana sauce, garlic and chilli. 

Swordfish Cottage      32.90

Grilled swordfish steak topped with prawns and our famous garlic cream sauce.

Grilled John Dory Fillets    M/P

Served with fresh lemon and tartar sauce.

Fish of the day    M/P

Please SeeBlackboard.

Lobster Cottage Style    M/P

Lobster cooked with mushrooms, shallots, chilli, tomato, touch of cream and topped withcheese.

Lobster Mornay    M/P

Lobster cooked in our delicious home-made cheesy béchamel sauce.

Carni –Porchetta

Pork Schnitzel    29.90

Tender and golden crumbed Pork fillet served with fresh lemon wedges.

Carni – Lamb

Lamb Cutlets    36.90

Garlic and rosemary lamb cutlets with a balsamic reduction.

Carni – Beef

Green Peppercorn Steak    38.90

Grain fed Beef tenderloin cooked with a green peppercorn, brandy and cream sauce.

Steak Diane      38.90

Grain fed Beef tenderloin cooked with a garlic, worcestershire and cream sauce.

Carpetbag Steak    38.90

Grain fed Beef tenderloin filled with natural oysters and topped with a creamy oyster sauce.

Pollo –Chicken

Pollo Bosciaola    26.90

Tender Chicken breast cooked with bacon, mushroom and shallots in a cream sauce.

Pollo Mango    26.90

Tender Chicken breast cooked with mango cheeks in a brandy cream sauce.

Pollo Parmigano    26.90

Crumbed Chicken breast topped with eggplant, napolitana sauce, and cheese then lightly grilled.

Chicken Ceasar Salad      26.90

Crispy cos lettuce, tender chicken breast, bacon, parmasen cheese and home made crunchy crouton with a creamy ceasar dressing. 

Vitello - Veal

Vitello Campangola    32.90

Milk Fed Veal topped with spinach, napolitana, provola cheese then baked in a cast iron skillet.

Vitello Bosciaola    32.90

Tender pieces of Milk Fed Veal cooked in a bacon, mushroom, shallot and brandy cream sauce.

Vitello Marsala    32.90

Pan seared tender Veal cooked with Marsala wine and cream.

Extra’s –Sides

~Side of Vegetables                   6.90

~Basket chips                           5.90

~Delicious Home-made Sauce’s    4.90

(Mushroom, Garlic cream sauce, Diane or Green Peppercorn sauce)

Children’s Menu - Up to 12 Years Old      17.90

     ~ Choose from:                 ~Chicken Schnitzel and chips.

                                           ~ Penne Bolognaise.

                                           ~ Calamari and chips.

     ~ Choice of kid’s soft drink: 

        Coke, lemonade, apple juice or orange juice.

     ~ Scoop of vanilla ice-cream:

        With your choice of Chocolate, Caramel or Strawberry topping.


Please see blackboard for today’s gelato’s flavours.

Gluten-free options are available - ** Please see wait staff*

BYO Cake

 ~ Standard cakage $1.00 per person.

 ~ When served with cream or vanilla gelato and strawberry $3.00 per person.

Tea & Coffee

~ Espresso / short black  4.00     ~ Black Tea    3.00     ~ Long Black       3.50 

~ English Breakfast         3.50     ~ Flat white    3.50     ~ Earl grey          3.50

~ Cappuccino                  3.50     ~ Peppermint 3.50      ~ Macchiato        3.50 

~ Camomile                    3.50     ~ Latte          4.00      ~ Green              3.50

~ Vienna Coffee              4.50     ~ Mocha         4.00      ~ Hot Chocolate  4.00

~ Liqueur Coffee From    9.00     ~ Affogato (non-alcoholic)  6.50

~ Liqueur Affogato (Frangelico) 12.50

May we suggest;


~ Penfolds Club Reserve Classic Tawny  5.00    

~ Penfolds Grandfather Rare Tawny     11.50    

Italian Liqueurs 

~ Limoncello     6.50     ~ Galliano     6.50     ~ Frangelico     7.00     ~ Sambuca     6.50

~ Opal Nero      6.50


~Bailey’s     7.00     ~ Tia Maria     7.00     ~ Kahlua     7.00         

~ Ouzo        7.00     ~ Malibu         7.00     ~Drambuie  7.50 

~Cointreau   7.50     ~Grand Marnier   8.00     


From 10.50

Set Menu's available.  Call now to enquire!

Licensed and BYO (bottled wine only) - Corkage $2 per person.

Surcharge applies on Public Holidays and Sundays.